Service Strategy
In the early stage, we first focus on the customer's needs, which is more conducive to the customer's liking for our profession. Then, we provide our professional knowledge on the customer's products to provide them with reference and assist them in completing a perfect product. If the client needs design related services, we also have designers who can provide feedback to the client.
1、 Match the quotation based on the existing needs of the customer. If our company does not have the samples required by the customer, we can provide a quotation based on the reference samples provided by the customer
2、 If the customer thinks the price is acceptable, they will request samples to arrange testing
3、 After the customer tests the samples and there are no issues, both parties sign a contract and arrange matters such as placing an order.
4、 The product is arranged to apply for corresponding certificates according to the requirements of the customer's exporting country, and materials are prepared at the same time
5、 Confirm the final inspection time with the customer in advance before the completion of the finished product, and arrange for the post shipment matters after the inspection is passed
6、 The delivery time will not exceed 50 days (usually 3-4 months from new product development to shipment)

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