How to use deep fryer to make healthy and delicious low-fried food?

Publish Time: 2024-04-18
The key to using deep fryer to make healthy and delicious low-fried food is to master the appropriate oil temperature, ingredient preparation and cooking techniques. Here are some suggestions:

Control the oil temperature: If the oil temperature is too high, the food will quickly absorb too much oil and become greasy; if the temperature is too low, the food will absorb oil unevenly and have a poor taste. It is recommended to control the oil temperature between 160°C and 190°C. You can use a thermometer to keep the oil temperature constant.

Prepare ingredients properly:

Cut ingredients into relatively small pieces to reduce the amount of oil absorbed.

Avoid having too much moisture on the surface of the food, otherwise it will cause oil to splash during cooking.

Coating the ingredients with a thin layer of starch or flour can help form a crispy shell and reduce oil penetration.

Use healthy oils: Choose oils with good high-temperature stability, such as peanut oil, corn oil, or refined olive oil. These oils are less likely to produce smoke or harmful substances at high temperatures.

Master the cooking time: Different ingredients require different frying times. Avoid over-frying, which will cause the food to become greasy. Generally speaking, fry the ingredients until the surface is golden and crispy, then take them out.

Re-frying skills: For certain ingredients, such as chicken wings, French fries, etc., you can try to take them out after the first frying, and then re-fry them after the oil temperature rises again. This can make them crispier and reduce the absorption of oil.

Pair with condiments: In order to reduce the greasiness of fried food, you can pair it with some refreshing condiments, such as lemon juice, tomato sauce, salad dressing, etc.

In addition, the choice of deep fryer is also important. The deep fryer with uniform thermal conductivity can ensure that food is heated evenly and reduces food absorption. Also use a pan with a frying basket to easily separate excess oil.

In short, by controlling the oil temperature, properly preparing ingredients, using healthy oils, mastering cooking time and matching condiments, you can make healthy and delicious low-fried foods in a deep fryer.

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