How to control the oil temperature of deep fryer?

Publish Time: 2024-03-14

The oil temperature control of deep fryer is a very important part of the cooking process, which directly affects the taste and nutrition of the food. Here are a few key steps to controlling fryer oil temperature:

Determine the right oil temperature: Different foods require different oil temperatures when frying. Generally speaking, fried meat needs to reach 170℃-200℃, and fried vegetables needs to reach 180℃-200℃. Before cooking, you need to confirm the appropriate oil temperature.

Choose the right deep fryer: The material and design of the deep fryer are very important in controlling the oil temperature. Generally speaking, stainless steel fryers are more durable and maintain oil temperature better. In addition, some high-end deep fryers are also equipped with intelligent temperature control systems and LED real-time oil temperature display, which can control the oil temperature more accurately.

Deep fryer preheating: deep fryer needs to be preheated before use. Preheating can make the oil temperature more even, allowing food to be heated more evenly. Generally, the preheating time is about 3-5 minutes.

Control frying time: Frying time is also one of the key factors in controlling oil temperature. If you fry for too long, the oil temperature will drop, causing the food to absorb too much oil and taste greasy. Therefore, frying time needs to be adjusted appropriately according to the size and texture of the food.

Turn the food in time: During the frying process, the food needs to be turned in time. This not only allows the food to be heated more evenly, but also prevents the food from producing excessive amounts of harmful substances at high temperatures.

Pay attention to oil change: the oil used by deep fryer needs to be kept clean. When the oil changes color or develops a peculiar smell, it needs to be replaced with new oil in time.

In short, controlling the oil temperature of deep fryer requires many aspects of attention, including selecting a suitable deep fryer, preheating the deep fryer, controlling frying time, turning food in time, paying attention to changing oil, etc. Only by mastering these techniques can you make healthy and delicious fried food.


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